Member since: 05/2019

Active in: WG3

Wastecon AG

Wastecon AG is a consultancy company in the field of waste disposal and resource conservation, secondary raw materials, disposal management and an accredited trader and broker of all types of waste. Wastecon is active in southeast Europe and, via the RETech partnership, in developing and emerging countries.

As a specialist consultancy firm for the waste disposal sector, we are committed to the circular use of resources and ensuring that no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of a circular economy. Our materials flow planning, combined with our position as approved dealers and brokers for all types of waste, means we are well placed to ensure valuable materials are used and re-used in a sustainable way that preserves those materials as far as possible. We offer a range of innovative solutions and concepts to encourage environmentally friendly and profitable business management. As Chairman and Chief Executive of the company, I am personally committed to making a positive contribution to maintaining our environment and our planet.

The key for us is preserving valuable material that can be re-used, either in its own right or when broken down into its component chemical compounds and elements. We believe that simply burning waste in incinerators is not a genuinely circular waste management solution, even though we recognise that some materials have to subjected to thermal treatment or physically destroyed down to molecular level to remove the risks associated with their use. Finding ways to create a fluid, alternative source of fuel from waste products is another important aim for us. Our objective is to minimise the amount of waste (and, by extension, raw materials) being burned or dumped in landfill, thus helping to meet our need for resources and preserve both our planet and our quality of life.