Member since: 06/2019

Active in: WG4

GOPA Infra GmbH

GOPA Infra GmbH is an independent German consultancy firm that provides engineering and consultancy services on infrastructure development projects around the world, working on behalf of bilateral and multilateral financing companies and funding organisations. We specialise in preparing and operating sustainable infrastructure in four key areas: Architecture & Urban Development, Transport and Mobility, Water & Sewerage, and Waste Management. We provide specialist technical expertise for projects connected to climate change, post-conflict recovery and migration. Within the waste management sector, we provide sustainable, comprehensive and professional expertise, as well as cost-effective solutions for SWM stakeholders at local, regional and national level. To ensure we provide comprehensive, all-in-one solutions, all our services are designed to take climate change and the measures required to adapt to it into account. Our consultancy services cover everything from support for developing institutional and regulatory frameworks for SWM to planning and delivering bespoke SWM systems. This includes developing strategies to minimise waste, finding ways to recover and re-use valuable raw materials, setting up practical recycling systems and optimising logistics for waste management. We can also provide support for the planning and construction of treatment and disposal plants for solid waste.