Member since: 05/2019

Active in: WG1, WG2, WG3

cyclos GmbH

cyclos is one of Germany’s leading consultancies in the field of waste and material flow management with focus on expert activities in the field of packaging disposal, electrical equipment disposal and the Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH, certification of facilities, waste management studies, as well as sorting and quality analyses and consulting in the area of waste management and extended producer responsibility systems internationally. Through our many years of experience, cyclos has in-depth knowledge of packaging recycling and product responsibility systems in various countries with different circumstances with focus on Germany, the Netherlands, Chile, the entire MENA region and Southeast Asia.

cyclos works worldwide in the field of circular economy, focusing on building models to organise and finance the collection, sorting and recycling of individual waste streams (such as packaging or electrical appliances). Extended producer responsibility is an important principle in this contact. The Prevent Waste Alliance serves as an excellent platform for information, professional development through new studies, strategic discussion and networks with stakeholders from various areas of expertise.

The aim of the circular economy is to use resources for as long as possible and at the highest resource-efficient level through reuse and recycling. Circular economy is financially viable for only a few material flows by the value of the recovered secondary raw materials such as used textiles. Collection, sorting and recycling processes require additional costs that need be borne by the waste producers, the municipal fees or the producers. cyclos has been involved in the organisation of extended producer responsibility for many years and works in the areas of strategic system development, analyses, mass flow verifications and certification.