Community and Family Aid Foundation

The COMMUNITY AND FAMILY AID FOUNDATION is an NGO based in Ghana. It is committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by rolling out a range of initiatives to benefit those in greatest need, both in Ghana and abroad. We are focused on finding solutions to the myriad challenges affecting Ghana, some of the most important of which are environmental protection, climate change, waste management and tackling plastic waste. We are eager to establish ourselves as a key civil society body that complements government efforts to overcome our current waste management challenges by providing timely solutions to problems. Our core delivery methods include effective advocacy, research, piloting promising waste management solutions and educating the population at large. We hope to leverage the expertise of a variety of networks to help ensure that our organisation stands the test of time and can make a major contribution to the global debate on waste management, as well as other key national and international issues.

Share experiences with our partners, allowing us to contribute our experience of our own work in the global south at the same time as learning about other approaches to solving problems.
Contribute to global action and debate on waste prevention.
-Networking and building partnerships are key to improving individuals’ ability to act and developing practical approaches to tackling issues. We see participating in the Alliance as the surest way of acquiring additional skills and obtaining commitment from stakeholders to deliver projects together.
We see the Alliance as an opportunity to increase our leverage when developing and delivering projects at every level of our operations. We hope to benefit from members’ expertise and experience to promote the principle that nothing should go to waste.

Our organisation believes that nothing should go to waste, and that when a valuable product reaches the end of its life cycle it should be re-used in new products or a different environment. After all, there is something of value in almost everything we throw away. In light of the looming climate crisis, we are convinced that we should be reducing consumption and re-using and recycling as much as we can. It’s time to go back to the drawing board and rediscover the long-neglected principles of the circular economy.
The circular economy represents the best way of safeguarding our environment for future generations and continuing to encourage positive and sustainable development in our society. As our world changes at an ever-increasing rate, it is time to take this concept more seriously than ever before.